How to use Finvezto Tribe? || A Guide

We have created a lot of tools & resources for the Tribe Members. In this post, we will be taking you through the different features of Tribe.

1. Access to Tools & Resources

Once you subscribe to the Tribe, you will be sent an e-mail with access to all the resources listed below. If not, please drop a note to us and we will help you out. You can reach out to us by clicking the Chat button below or you can write an e-mail to

2. Categories

Discussion Threads are classified into multiple categories for ease of navigation and relevance. If you have access to Tribe, you will be able to see all the categories shown below in the video.

2a. Stock Analysis Category

In this category, you will find stock reports and analysis by Finvezto Team only. All stocks are given a fundamental rating (out of 5) so that you can quickly understand how fundamentally strong they are. Inside each stock analysis, you will find the relevant dashboards and charts.

2b. Stock Discussions

This category is open to all Tribe members. You can start a new thread on a Stock or join an existing conversation. The discussions here are specific to stocks.

2c. Trading Room

This category is for live market discussions.

2d. Sector Analysis

Discussions on sectors, industries, and macros go into this section.

2e. Toolkit

For new updates, developments, feedback, and queries regarding the toolkit.

2f. General Queries & Helpdesk

All general finance queries go into this section.

3. Tags & Advanced Search

3a. Tags

The Tags page helps you with granular stock search. You can use the tags to search for stock based on market cap (small, mid, large-cap), fundamental rating (3 star, 4 star, 5 star etc), sector, products, etc.

3b. Advanced Search

Tags enable granular search options so that you can zero in on the stocks that you are looking out for. Please go through the video below to know more about Tags & Advanced Search.

4. Stock Reports & Analysis

4.a Fundamentals

Our Stock reports are based on the Investment framework of Quality, Safety & Value. It covers the following:

✓ Quality Check - Is it a Good Business?
✓ Safety Check - Is it a Risky Business?
✓ Value Check - Is it Cheap, Costly, or Fair?
✓ Red Flags & Accounting Frauds Check
✓ Competitive Edge ( MOAT ) Assessment
✓ Intrinsic Value Compounding Rate
✓ Is Future Growth already discounted in Price?
✓ Earnings Retention Test
✓ Economic Value Added (EVA) Assessment
✓ Common Size Statement Analysis
✓ DuPont Analysis
✓ Sector Specific Analysis for Banks & Financial Services
✓ Consolidated Financial Statements in an Easy-to-Visualize Format

Please have a look at the presentation using the link below to understand more about the framework.
Link to Fundamentals Presentation.

4.b Technicals

We also provide the chart analysis of the Stock along with Fundamental analysis.

Our Technical system is based on Price Action, Volume, Institutional Buying/Selling, Insider Buying/Selling & Open Interest. Please read more about it below.
Key Levels & Bull Bear Control Range

5. Starting a New Topic or Discussion Thread

6. Dark Mode for Reading

7. Bookmark or Save a Favourite Topic

8. General Queries & Chat Support