My Options Buying Journey (Only Stocks, No Indices)

Hi Tribes,

In this thread, I will share my monthly options trading results. I would call myself a beginner in this stock market world and like many other beginners, I started trading by buying NIFTY and BANKNIFTY options. Over a period of time, I understood, that trading on the indices does not suit my style or strategy (after losing all my initial capital) and started trading on stock options. I learned certain nuances from Anand and with the help of his FINVEZTO tool kit, I made a consistent profit for 5 continuous months. My confidence has gone up with stock options trading but I still wanted to work on the strategy for another 12-24 months to validate its performance in longer time frames.

I don’t want this thread to be misunderstood as a CALL TIPS sharing or any kind of knowledge sharing with tribe members. I consider this as a space to log my trading journey.

I have attached screenshots of my performance during those 5 months. I have been away from trading due to personal reasons for the last few months. I will resume it shortly and keep posting each month’s P&L by end of the month. I am also planning to share the details of the stocks I will be trading in a particular month as and when I initiate the trade.

Happy Trading All!

Welcome to the Tribe @aj_ks. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.